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What is Dining Club?

  • Dining Club is a community-based meal service that is intended to increase opportunities for nutritional and social support among individuals. Clients gather together on a pre-arranged day, for a nutritious meal, and a social time out. The event may also include a health promotion activity and/or special entertainment. Our program that provides two nutritious meals monthly in partnership with Maple Court Villa. Each event has an entertaining and enjoyable social hour with snacks provided upon completion.

Who attends the Dining Club Program?

  • Usually 30 - 50 seniors and disabled adults attend for a delicious hot meal and socializing.

Where is this program held? 

  • There are two locations for the Dining Club:
Once a month in Markdale at:
Grey Gables
HCSS East Grey Activity Room
Fee is $13.00
Once a month in Walkerton at:
Maple Court Villa
5 Fourth St
Fee is $9.00

How does the client get to the program?

  • If transportation is needed, a volunteer driver can pick up a diner for a minimal fee.

How do I get more information about the Program?

  • We receive referrals directly from people who need the service, from family, friends, doctors, hospitals, CCAC or other health and social service agencies. Once our office has been contacted, someone from our staff will visit with you to discuss your needs, assess eligibility and arrange this service for you.

For more information...    Call 372-2091 or 1-800-267-3798